Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inverted Bob Haircuts for women

Inverted Bob Haircuts- the fashion hairstyle in the world.
victoria beckham Inverted bob haircuts
victoria beckham Inverted Bob Haircuts Celebrity victoria Inverted bob hairstyleInverted Bob This hairstyle was cute when it first appeared. It was very subltle, and you weren't even sure if the front was supposed to be longer than the back. Now, it's all about drama. I see women with their entire neckline exposed, as short as a man's haircut, with front edges to their shoulders. Part of the benefit of having short hair is it being cooler and easier to style. Part of the benefits of longer hair is being able to pull it back off your face and shoulders, into a ponytail. To me, the DFW Do seems like the worst of both worlds. can't pull it into a ponytail because it's too short in the front. But it's too long in the front to be worry-free. Plus, it seems the stack in teh back pushes the hair forward into your face. That is something I cannot stand, having hair in my face. A few bangs are fine, but if I can see them, they're too long!

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